Upcoming AC Installation? What You Should Expect
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what to expect from an AC installation in Tampa, FL

Are you planning for an upcoming AC installation? Whether you’re in need of an AC replacement because your current unit has reached the end of its lifespan, or you’re simply upgrading to a newer, more efficient system, hire an AC company for this task. Relying on professionals to perform your AC installation is key to saving money and staying safe in the long run.

What Happens During an AC Installation?

What should you expect during an AC installation? Although every case is somewhat different, in general, the process will follow these key steps:

Determining the Right Air Conditioner for Your Needs

There are many reasons you should trust an AC company to handle your AC replacement needs. One is the simple fact that choosing the right air conditioner for your home isn’t always as simple as you might assume. The AC system needs to be large enough to cool the home thoroughly and reliably. However, if you choose a system that’s too large, you’ll end up with high energy bills that could have been easily avoided.

You can avoid this by coordinating with an AC company from the start. The professionals will assess all relevant factors, including the size of your home, how many occupants reside in the house, and more, determining which air conditioner is best. They’ll also ensure you get an air conditioner that meets your standards for energy efficiency, maintenance needs, and any other factors you consider to be important.

AC Replacement

Unless you’re installing a new AC system in a completely new home, the odds are good you’ll need to first have your current AC system removed before the new one can be installed. This is another task to leave to professionals. Properly removing AC equipment requires the right experience and tools. Additionally, it may require accessing areas of your home that are difficult to reach without the necessary equipment.

Your AC company will work with you to determine a convenient time to remove your air conditioner. To ensure the process runs smoothly, prepare ahead of time by clearing debris from any areas where the team will be working. Try to make sure they have access to sufficient lighting, ensure all other occupants and pets are kept away during the process, and, of course, make sure the team has access to your home.

AC Installation

Once your old air conditioner has been removed, your new one can be installed. Again, the AC company will work with you to select a date and time that’s most convenient, as you may understandably want to be on the property while the work is being performed.

Numerous factors will affect how long the AC installation may take. For instance, in a small house, it’s often possible to install a completely new AC system in a few hours. However, in larger houses, particularly when an old system has to first be removed, the process can take three days, and perhaps longer. This is often the case when new ductwork is installed along with the system.

Keep in mind that some adjustments may need to be made to your home to facilitate a new system. An example would be expanding the area where the outside equipment sits if it is currently too small for your needs.

The AC company’s team will naturally work more efficiently when they are not distracted, which is a key reason it’s important to prepare the space ahead of time. That said, the technicians also understand that you may have questions about your new AC system. Don’t be reluctant to ask them! Asking key questions about the process will help you better understand how to effectively maintain your new air conditioner and make it more likely to optimize its lifespan.


The final step in the AC installation process typically involves testing the equipment. The technicians will simply perform a variety of basic tests to confirm the system is operating as it should be. If it isn’t, they will make the necessary adjustments until the problem is addressed. Once they are certain your air conditioner has been installed properly, they’ll answer any final questions you may have, and provide you with any advice they consider relevant.

An AC installation can be a relatively painless process that doesn’t have to take much time at all. That said, it’s more likely to be easy and painless if you hire a reputable AC company to perform the installation.

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