SEER Rating Savings: How to Save Money with Your AC
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What is HVAC SEER Rating and How it Helps You Save

Need help finding an air conditioning unit that helps you save? Try browsing for air conditioning systems and heaters with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).

What is SEER, and how can it help you save money?

Your air conditioner’s performance can be measured and ranked in comparison with competing units using the SEER rating. The SEER Rating of an air conditioning or heating unit is based on the average cooling output during the season in ratio with the total energy input (electricity) used to operate the unit. The higher your air conditioning unit’s SEER Rating, the more energy efficient the unit.

Regulations initiated on January 1, 2015 require that all split system central air conditioners installed in Florida (or the Southeastern Region of the United States) must have a 14 SEER rating or higher.

How to Save with SEER Rating

To take advantage of your air conditioning unit operating at full capacity and efficiency, there are some things you must do. Don’t forget to keep up with regular maintenance, and always hire a technician from an authorized dealer for ac repairs. It’s also important that you change your air filter at least once per month to avoid dust or dirt buildup that could affect your air conditioning unit’s performance.

If your ductwork is 20 years or older, you might need a checkup to repair any gaps or inconsistencies in the ventilation system. Last, it’s important to maintain your thermostat at a temperature of 76 degrees to operate your unit at maximum capacity.

How to Save with High SEER Rating Units:

What does SEER Savings look like?

Depending on the SEER Rating of your unit, the higher the number the more you can expect to save. With units that have a SEER Rating of 21, the annual cost to operate is $492.86, while a unit at the lowest possible rating for Florida at 14 costs $739.29 to operate per year. This means that if you go with the more efficient unit, you can expect to save $246.43 per year or almost $1,000 every 4 years.

SEER Kwh Consumed Each Hr. Kwh's Consumed Annually Annual Cost to Operate Unit
21 1.71 4285.71 $492.86
20 1.80 4500.00 $517.50
19 1.89 4736.84 $544.74
18 2.00 5000.00 $575.00
17 2.12 5294.12 $608.82
16 2.25 5625.00 $646.88
15 2.40 6000.00 $690.00
14 2.57 6428.57 $739.29
13 2.77 6923.08 $796.15
12 3.00 7500.00 $862.50
11 3.27 8181.82 $940.91
10 3.60 9000.00 $1035.00

**Units Based on electric at 11.5 cents per Kwh (Kilowatt Hour) for 3-ton units.

The SEER Rating of each air conditioning unit is approximately 5% greater as you upgrade to each level. Now that might not seem like much, but if you have an old air conditioner that is rated at a 10, it will cost $541 more per year than having a 21 rated unit.

In a decade, that equals a total savings of $5,410!

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