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At Easy AC, we understand the importance of knowing the price before you pay. That’s why we provide upfront heating repair pricing. Our licensed AC and heating technicians provide you a quote before they get to work so you can make an informed decision. There’s no guesswork. Just simple, honest pricing.

That’s comfort made easy!

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Our winter weather can sometimes bring the chill. Luckily, our heating expert knows what to do.

In a state where everyone worries about keeping cool during the sweltering summers, it’s easy to forget that we get our share of chilly nights too - and that our home heating systems need as much care and attention as our air conditioners do.

A lot of air conditioning companies in Tampa Bay just hope you forget all about the winter chill, because they can't do anything to help you avoid it. Fortunately, we can.

Heating Repair Tampa

Our resident heating repair and maintenance expert is none other than Keith Westbrook himself, who learned the trade during his fifteen years working on heating systems in the frozen north of Minnesota. And what could be a better qualification than that?

If you're worried about your home's heating system, and whether it'll be able to cope with the next sudden cold snap, give Keith a call at 813-COLD-AIR. He’ll be happy to share his hard-earned wisdom with you when you schedule a quick inspection of your home's heating system.

Tampa Bay’s most reliable eating repair services. For when it just can’t wait until morning.

24 hour heating repair

One of the first things Keith realized after he moved to Florida is that even though people use their heaters regularly in the winter, the hot weather during the rest of the year makes it easy to forget about the need to keep up with regular heater maintenance. Once the chilly weather is over, a lot of people don’t give their heaters a second thought until late fall.

But like any complicated piece of machinery, your heater will not deliver peak performance if you don’t take care of it. And after a while, it’ll choose the most inconvenient possible time to break down - like right before the season’s first freeze.

That’s why Easy AC offers 24-hour heating repair services throughout the Tampa Bay area. Our technicians are always standing by, ready to roll out and fix that broken heater - before you have to break out all those extra blankets. Just call us at 813-COLD-AIR or schedule a service call online, we’ll be on our way.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until something’s broken to call Easy AC. If you’re just wondering about whether your home’s heating system will be able to cope with the next sudden cold snap, give Keith a call at 813-COLD-AIR. He’ll be happy to share his hard-earned wisdom with you when you schedule a quick inspection of your home’s heating system.

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Contacted Easy AC, after receiving poor quality svc. from another company. Easy AC was quick to respond and scheduled next day svc. Kayle from scheduling was very accommodating, David Hood came and actually listened to my concerns with my AC, he explained as he was troubleshooting, what the problem was. I appreciate not being sold products or services I don't need. When a company demonstrates professional integrity, as long as I don't feel taken advantage of, I will definitely remain a loyal customer.
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